From our Family to yours.

Koch Coffee Roasters is family owned & operated.

Our Brand

Think about the best cup of coffee you ever had…..

We’re willing to bet it involves more than just how the coffee tasted.  Your best cup of coffee was memorable because of where you were, who it was shared with, and how it made you feel.  This is the unique power of coffee – bringing people together. Creating connections. Making memories.

At Koch Coffee, our mission is to make the most enjoyable companion to life’s experiences. How do we do that? By respecting and perfecting the time-honored tradition of creating artisan specialty coffee from seed to cup.

We’re committed to refining every step of our coffee-making process. This means offering transparency in our coffee sourcing. It means partnering with fair trade families who have farmed for generations and focused on growing specialty single-origin coffee beans using sustainable, ethical growing practices.  It means shipping your beans within 48 hours of roasting to ensure freshness and peak flavor. And, it means sharing our experience so you can brew your best cup of coffee.

Your coffee ritual is personal, and we want to help enhance it.  Our roasted-to-order subscriptions allow you to explore a world of exceptional coffee from wherever you happen to be.  We believe that coffee is the companion to life’s little moments – a fresh start to your day, connecting with people, celebrating milestones, reflecting on your experiences, and envisioning your future.

We don’t just roast coffee – we create unforgettable coffee experiences.

From our family to yours, Cheers.